Why You Should Never Be An Email Marketer

Make no mistake about it.

Every e-commerce business on the planet should be growing and managing an email list. Frankly, to not do so would be foolish.

But look, I’m NOT an email marketer. And I don’t recommend that you or anyone else be one for that matter, either.

Why? Because there’s NO SUCH THING as an “email marketer.”

There are only marketers…

…who are smart enough to use email.

Why does it matter? It’s not simply about arguing semantics.

The fact of the matter is…

Calling yourself an “email marketer” because you use email is like calling yourself a “newspaper marketer” because you advertise in newspapers. Or a “yellow pages marketer” because you advertise in the yellow pages. Or a “website marketer” because you advertise on websites.

See what I mean? That would be like saying you’re “in the banner ad placing business” because you place banner ads online.

That’s NOT a business. It’s a delivery mechanism.

For short: MEDIA.

So is email. It’s a delivery mechanism/media — nothing less, nothing more.

And in my work to get clients results, as originally taught by mentor Dan Kennedy, I like to think of “marketing” as a three-legged stool.

Here’s why that’s important:

If any of the legs are missing or much shorter than the others, the stool falls over.

Your delivery mechanism is just one of those legs. And just as important are the other two legs: MESSAGE and MARKET.

Before you can deliver anything, you have to have “something” to send.


Message can make or break you.

It can mean the difference between a huge win or a total loser. You have to have something interesting to say, and say it with impact. It helps. A lot.

Then there’s MARKET.

You can have the perfect message, but if you send it to people who are uninterested in what you have to say, it’ll fall on deaf ears.

On the flip side…

You can have a mediocre message, but if you send it to a market that’s starving for what you have to offer, you can still do pretty well.

But a great message, sent to a great market?

Forget about it. You can clean up.

And that’s why what you say and who you say it to is just as critical as having the mechanism to send it in the first place.

Because it’s NOT just about sending emails.

Far from it.

In most cases, “email setup” is low wage, manual labor grunt work.

So is setting up a standard welcome series, order cart abandonment, or putting an opt-in form on your site with a discount.

Any tech person or basic copywriter can do that these days. And that’s why, as a marketing strategist, I NEVER think of myself as an email marketer.

I don’t sell “email marketing.” That’s a tool.

Instead, what I do is get permission from companies to get access to their email lists that they already have in place, and help them send TESTED marketing messages that are proven to make the cash register ring, and ring, and ring, and ring.

I sell tangible results: More sales. Now.

Because sending a “basic email” to the right person is one thing, but emails that actually crush sales is a whole ‘nother ballgame.

It’s all about leverage your assets…

What you do with all the additional revenue is up to you.

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