How To Get More Guests For Your Restaurant

As a server-turned-marketing-consultant, I help independent restaurant owners get more good quality guests than they can handle.

I provide proven, done-for-you direct-marketing campaigns, new marketing strategies, and one-on-one coaching to generate an exceptional ROI for restaurateurs who can honestly answer “YES” to the following:

  • Does your restaurant do AT LEAST $500,000+ a year in sales?
  • Do you run a good, solid operation that pleasantly surprises your guests (and gets many of them coming back for more)?
  • Are you looking for NEW ways to PROFITABLY increase your cash flow?
  • Would you like a proven strategy that can boost your bottom line by at least 30% or more while doing less work (especially less hard work)?
  • Is discovering how to get an ROI of at least 3- to 5-to-1 (sometimes even as high as 10-to-1) worth an hour of your time?
  • Are you a NO BULLSHIT, action-oriented person?

If you said “YES” to the above, then I can increase your restaurant’s profits by at least 30% or more in 31 days or less, or your money back. In other words, work with me and I guarantee I will grow your restaurant with greater profits and more satisfaction, or I will give you back every last penny you paid me.

Who else is willing to do that?

NOBODY. (I checked).

But I’m happy to put it on the line like this because my stuff works. That’s how I’m able to shoulder all the risk.

To learn more:

Contact me to get more customers for your restaurant.