Who is Marc Rodill?

Marc Rodill is a former kitchen manager and on and off again server from Florida who worked in the industry for nearly his entire adult life and failed in eight different businesses along the way that he started by the time he was 32.

One day, after successfully failing to launch his eighth business, he had a nervous breakdown and realized the common denominator in all of his failure was him.

He looked back and reviewed his life with this new insight, and he saw that in every single case that as soon as his businesses started to make money, he quickly unraveled. At some point, he was no longer willing to do what was necessary to grow the business and began to sabotage himself at every step along the way.

As painful as this review was, he decided to face the music instead of running away from his uncomfortable feelings like he had practiced doing so often after all of these years. And after a few months of meditation, changing his breathing and his diet, he started to break free (for real this time) from his old habitual addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Extremely reclusive and secretly deep in the throes of addiction for more than a decade, there had been a lot of suffering and many health scares along the way. But in hindsight, he realized it was all worth it because today he wouldn’t give up his new-found health, energy and love for living life more consciously, for anything.

But he can’t take any of the credit and chalks up his new perspective as a result of not only learning from his own experiences, but also from the experiences shared by other experts and leaders in their respective fields, such as T. Colin Campbell, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Garth Davis, Dr. Joel Kahn, Tom Bilyeu, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Wim Hof, Aubrey Marcus, Gary Vanerchuck, Niraj Naik, Patrick McKeown, and many more.

“For the first time in ‘traditional agreed upon human history,’ we are clearly on the cusp of a pivotal speck of a moment in time where things are changing so rapidly in every area of our lives that finding the right data and tools to develop our naturally rising group consciousness is needed more now than it ever has been before.”

– Marc Rodill

As a level 10 introvert and self-professed addicted polymath thinker, Marc now uses the marketing and business knowledge he gained over the years to help conscious capitalists who share his “unconventional” values and are already doing pretty well to do even better by leveraging the resources they’ve already built in order to reach more people, sell more stuff and generate more profit quickly and easily, in a way where making a difference in the world that matters for future generations isn’t just lip-service, it’s a main priority.

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