Hi, I'm Marc. I'll increase your company's lifetime customer value by 50%+ in 60 days or you don't owe me a dime.

Strongly influenced by the work of a 30-year marketing veteran with a proven track record of running successful million dollar marketing campaigns for established companies, I use the same exact strategies to help supplement entrepreneurs increase sales without wasting time on the typical lackluster marketing strategies found online today.

Here’s some of the results produced by these turnkey strategy:

  • One company brought in $23,000 in profit in three days from a strategy that was delivered to them within 48 hours

  • Another company saw $24,494 in sales using a similar strategy by contacting just 1/10th of their customers

  • Yet another generated over $14,000 in sales before they had to shut down their offer because they completely sold out their stock

  • A more established company made over $65,000 in 4 days and broke a monthly record after deploying one of these strategies while on vacation 

  • A sports company in a rabid market saw a 337% bump in sales over a 6 day period of implementing one of these strategies

  • Another in the same market doubled their best sales day ever in just 8 hours, leaving a 5-1/2 days of additional sales remaining

  • A company that was experiencing a downturn in sales for months saw a much needed 77% increase in sales over the previous month

  • Yet another company that promotes very heavily got a 50% bump in sales over anything they’d promoted in the previous 6 months

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Using these strategies, I’m confident I can bring you an immediate increase in sales of at least 40% to 70% of your monthly sales. I’m so confident about this that I’ll bring you an additional $20,000+ in sales in less than 30 days or you don’t owe me a dime.

I help companies in the supplement industry grow their sales without wasting their time throwing mud at the wall and hoping some of it sticks because I’ve always bought a lot of supplements and have tons of knowledge and passion about them personally. 

Want more sales? Contact me about growing sales for your supplement company.